Consultations for Surgery and Hospital Guidance for Inpatients

If your medical treatment requires a hospital stay, you will receive treatment from a different physician.

Every patient who is admitted to a hospital has an inpatient manager, or “Hospitalist,” assigned to his or her care. This doctor is your “admitting doctor,” and he or she has the ultimate say over your orders and length of stay. However, I will consult with your Hospitalist so he or she knows your medical history and any nuances of your unique situation. You can rest assured that I will be your advocate and will carefully follow your progress to make sure you are receiving the appropriate treatment and the best care possible.

We will all work together to improve your medical situation so you can return home safely.

For post-surgery patients, or patients admitted directly to a surgeon or cardiologist, I will make every attempt to be there for you. These doctors are in charge of your care, but can use my insight to help with all of your other medical issues.

Travel Consultations

Traveling the world can be exciting, but also medically risky. If you plan to travel abroad, make sure you take the appropriate precautions and have the information you need to safely see the world. I can provide:

I have vast experience as a doctor for a large multicultural group of hospital and compound employees oversees. This experience has allowed me to acquire valuable insight into world medicine. I stay up-to-date on current epidemics and frequently refer to the CDC website to keep my knowledge fresh.