Routine & Urgent Office Visits

Here are two things that I’ve found to be true of many patients:

I am available in the office five days a week to accommodate as many patient situations as possible. Even when I’m enjoying life outside the office, I arrange back-up help so you are never left “in the dark” when it comes to your health. 

Your time is important to me. If you need an annual exam or a follow-up appointment, time slots are usually available within one to two weeks. I will arrange time to accommodate you, if necessary. I work very hard to make sure that your scheduled appointment occurs on time so you are not left sitting in the waiting room.

If you need an urgent appointment, we will accommodate you the same day. In the event that we have to deal with an emergency or urgent situation during your scheduled appointment, I ask for your patience as we work hard to get back on schedule.

In-Home Medical Visits

If you are homebound, or if your health has seriously deteriorated, we may arrange for an in-home visit. These are at my discretion, and I may send you to the emergency room if I feel you need medical attention that cannot be provided at home. If I have any doubt, I will visit you to determine if emergency care is needed.

Up to three home visits per year are covered under your membership fee. There is a charge for extra home visits. If you feel you need home medical care on an ongoing basis, please contact my office for more information.